February 19, 2020

Honda Heat - is the heatmeet of all things Honda

Our vision to bring the west coast a Honda Event they have wanted. In Seattle we HondaFest NW which is awesome but it’s in May, after that we have no dedicated Honda only event. Mike was seeking a partner to help build the Honda Community in the Northwest. That’s when Karl stepped in with a idea and plan.

Honda Heatan event and show coordinated Happenstance Event Productions for Karl Wession

Year One – Our mission is to create an event for mid summer for Honda and Acura owners to show off what they have. We plan on a short evening event with foodtrucks and featured spaces.  Some fun and lighthearted awards to be given as we wrap up the event.

Year Two – We’ll take the feedback from the event and add a judged car show section to the event. Add a cruise or race element to the event.