August 10, 2020

Honda Heat - is the heatmeet of all things Honda

Back at it with the bangerzzz. This is honestly my best video so far in my opinion, hope you guys like it! Big shoutout to Cleis for letting me shoot his AP SHARK! Follow him on IG : @cleeesthegram
Also, shoutout to @OVRDUE for letting me be a part of the team and hooking it up with free stuff! Go check out the site for some dope apparel and hotboy stickers lmao

Follow me on IG so I can be famous and sh!t (DM for shoots!)

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My gear:
Sony A6500
Sigma 30mm 1.4
DJI Ronin-M

Ignore these tags bruh I’m just tryna grow my channel ya diggggg
s2000 ap2,
s2000 build,
s2000 drift,
s2000 exhaust,
s2000 from hell,
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s2000 supercharger,
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s2000 vs
s2k stanced
s2k slammed
s2k bagged
s2k stancenation
if you’re still reading this then you a real one

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