February 19, 2020

Honda Heat - is the heatmeet of all things Honda

Video – Honda Heat 2017 | 6ixohMedia [4K]

6ixohMedia Despite the horrible heat, there was a pretty good turnout. Thank you everyone that came out to make the meet possible. A lot of features and event coverage soon to come. Follow me on Instagram @ _6ixohMedia (00:00-2:20) Matbow – Me & You (2:20-4:22) Rich Beatz – STEPHANY

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Roll in times and instructions

Ticket Holder¬†Information ADDRESS – 3000 LanderHolm Circle SE Bellevue Wa We’ll be in the lots 1A ¬†3A 3B All folks can arrive at 1PM and we’ll stage you into the venue. Roll in information Featured parking holders Roll in for Hond Heat starts at 1PM. Sally will start to check in folks at the gate […]


Our Show Honda Heat – The Seattle Meet is June 24th 1-8pm at Bellevue College

Good Morning, We’re about to have a event. We’re helping to build an event the Honda Community wants for Seattle. We love HondafestNW but one show a year isn’t enough for all of us. Our Show Honda Heat – The Seattle Meet is June 24th 1-8pm at Bellevue College. Join us Featured parking & pre-sale […]


Our store is now live

its taken a few days but we’re getting things up and running here at Honda heat even though Karl isn’t here. Store –> LINK  

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Finally the website is LIVE

Well we had a few delays but we’ve been busy being at northwest shows and getting things ready for our our first show. So many questions to answer but , we’re working to make a new Honda event for You.